We have always been conscious about what
we put in our body and as we looked more into the waters and electrolyte drinks
we were consuming we were extremely surprised and disappointed to see that
most electrolytes were lab made and synthetic, and the waters were from springs
likely contaminated with microplastics and nanoplastics. We started doing
our homework into what the best electrolytes would be and our journey took us
to the Himalayas and their famous Pink Himalayan Salt, rich with minerals and
electrolytes made by the earth long before humans ever existed. Our
search then switched to what is the perfect substance to host this in and as we
evaluated springs, glaciers, aquifers and many other water sources it was
clear we had to let the salt speak for itself. We now source our water
from some of the cleanest springs in Canada and further fractionally distill it
right down to H20, zero impurities, and the perfect host for our salts.


When you actually sit down and think – what am
I putting in my body, where is it coming from, and why does it make me feel
this way – our main goal is to provide an all-natural product that brings
meaningful benefits to our customers while simultaneously answering these


We've been extolling the virtues of mineral
rich salt water since we realized proper hydration (not just the water but the
minerals and salts) is the base a healthy and purposeful life is
built off. We are excited to further this conversation with consumers
everywhere. The time is now, we are changing the way people look, think and
engage with salt, and there is no better way to fulfill your everyday hydration
needs with the crisp, smooth flavours of Himalayan Salt Water. 



The Saltwater Team